Section Rules

Vincent HRD Owners Club (Coventry Section)

1. Name
The name of the Section will be "The Vincent HRD Owners Club (Coventry Section).  It will operate, where appropriate, under the rules of The Vincent HRD Owners Club.

2. Membership
A Section member must be a paid up member of The Vincent HRD Owners Club.
To qualify as a member of the Coventry Section at least one Coventry Section meeting / event, other than the AGM, must have been attended in the preceding 12 months.
There is no territorial restriction to membership.
There will be no membership subscription, a weekly contribution to cover the cost of room hire etc. will be authorised and set by the AGM.

3. Annual General Meeting - Special General Meeting.
The Section will hold a General Meeting every October. Only Coventry Section members, as defined by rule two, will be eligible to vote.
Section Rules can only be altered or added to by a resolution passed with a two thirds majority by this meeting. 
Voting will be by show of hands and the chairman will have a second or casting vote.
A Special General Meeting can be called by a quorum of the Section Committee or a minimum of ten ordinary members.
Resolutions for the AGM must be with the Section Secretary at least six weeks prior to the meeting and must be displayed on the Section notice board four weeks prior to the meeting.  Any resolution will require a Proposer and Seconder who must be Section members.
AGM agenda to be available two weeks prior to the meeting.

4. Section Committee.
The Section shall be run by a committee comprising;
                                                                                Organiser ( Committee Chairman )
                                                                                Secretary ( Deputy Chairman )

The above three posts will comprise the officials of the Section plus a minimum of two ordinary members.
The Committee will have the authority to co-opt additional members as required.
The posts of Organiser and Secretary will come up for election every two years.  These positions will be contested in alternate years.
All other committee members will be elected annually.
A committee quorum will consist of any four members but must include at least one Section Official. The committee will meet a minimum of four times a year.

5. Section Representation
The Section Organiser will be the Sections representative on the main Vincent HRD club committees. Should the Organiser be unavailable the committee will approve, from the committee members a deputy.

6. Banking
To hold Section funds an account will be opened in the name of VOC (Coventry Section) in a UK Bank or Building Society approved by the Section Committee . Cheques to be authorised by any two Section officials.
Expenses incurred by Section members on the Section behalf , providing they are approved by two Section officials, will be reimbursed.

7. Expulsion of Members
The Section committee shall have the authority to convene a Special General meeting for the purpose of cautioning, suspending, expelling from the Section or otherwise effecting disciplinary measures upon any member or members whose conduct in the opinion of the committee necessitate such action.

8. Section Trophy’s
The Sections Trophies will be awarded as follows:

Navigation Trial Shield.
To be awarded to the highest placed Vincent/HRD in the Navigation Trial.

Stan Powell Shield.
To be awarded to the winner of the Navigation Trial or to the runner up should the winner be a Vincent or HRD.

Clubman Shield.
This Trophy to be in the gift of the Section Organiser.

Tony and Pat Summers Award.
This award to be in the gift of the Section committee.

Adopted unanimously at the 2002 AGM