Coventry Section Tool Scheme

There is a hire charge of £1 per tool.  (Helicoils £1 plus cost of inserts used)  Tools normally delivered and returned on Friday nights, other arrangements by prior agreement.   The normal loan period is one week    Phone calls during normal waking hours only.

Stuart Wood operates the tool scheme.


Taps and dies.

¼” to ½.

Cycle 20 tpi:
Taps:7/16,” ½”, 9/16,” 5/8”, ¾” ,7/8”.  Dies:½” & 9/16”.

Cycle 26 tpi: ¼” to ½”.

Whitworth:3/16” to ½”.

Numbers 0,2,4&6.

1/8” tap, ¼” tap and die.

Spark Plug
14mm & 18mm taps.

Vincent Oil Pump End Plug
Special pilot tap.

¼”, 5/16” & 3/8” taps.

Miscellaneous selection of other threads inc. BSB


BSF: ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16.” Whitworth: 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”,  BA: 1BA, Spark Plug: 14mm. BSP:1/8” and ¼”

Expanding and other reamers. 

A set of expanding reamers covering the sizes 11/32” to 19/32” and 21/32” to 15/16.” Two special piloted reamers for the valve guide bores. In addition we have a large number of drills and reamers which might be what you’re looking for but which have no obvious Vincent connection.

Hand tools.

 0-100 lbs foot Torque Spanner Circlip pliers (set of 5) Tap Wrench, Special Tap Holder for tapping out chain adjuster threads.  Small die holders (3/4” & 1”).   7/8” BSF Socket & tommy bar for ESA nut.  Sprag for locking engine and clutch sprockets. Electrical connector/bullet crimping tool & bullets. George has donated his 1 3/8" BSF tubular box spanner (2.05" a/f) so that people can remove their Burman sprockets.

Special assembly tools & extractors.

Rocker bush extractorRemoval tools: Main bearing, Gear box bearing, Valve guide lock ring, Half time pinion, Comet dynamo gear, Oil  pump sleeve, K/S shaft removal and assembly.
Assembly tools: Girdraulic Fork Spindle Bullet, Spindle bush insertion tool.

Jigs and fixtures.

Camshaft assembly fixture. Cylinder head support, for working on head on bench. Forming Block exhaust pipe flange.  Speedo inner cable end forming tool.

Expander, Exhaust pipe nuts.  Brake shoe riveterValve insert boring bar.  Drilling Jig, Gearbox cam plate spindle boss. Timing spindles height gauge, Racing Big end spanner.

The small print


“Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools”

ISSUE 10  September 2020